C. Neri Antiques

Gas and Electric light with "robe arms" and a spiral decorative element on the center rod. Matching Fluer de Lis shades. Circa 1890: price ~ $4200

A mix of converted gas jets and electric sockets this light now provides 24 lights. It measures 30" wide and 64" high. Price ~ $25,000

Eight light iron chandelier is an example of early electric lighting.  Circa 1900: price ~ $3750 .

White metal with brass contrast pieces this 6 arm chandelier features highly decorative styling. Egrets and female faces  add to the appeal of this chandelier . Measuring 30" wide x 36" long, it is priced at $12,500

This transitional chandelier has 8 lights and is 24" wide and 40" tall.  Price ~ 7500

This 5 arm silver over bronze chandelier has

Pictured here is a Victorian gas chandelier with 9 arms and a center light. It measures 50" high and 32" wide. Circa 1890 it is priced  $12,500.

This beautiful gas and electric 24 light. It measures  30"wide by 64" high. There is an 18 light version of this chandelier also available.

The clean lines of this Arts and Craft slag glass chandelier make it great for any room. With 5 down lites ..

This transitional chandelier has 6 gas  lights and 6 electric sockets. Price ~ $10,500.

Jeweled 6 arm brass gasolier. Circa 1875  ~price $7500

This gas chandelier manufactured by Archer Pancoast has 6 arms and has been electrified for your use. It measures 66" high x 48" wide. Price $45,000.

Flowing lines with three opalescent shades make this early electric chandelier a wonderful addition to any room. Price ~ $3850

Aesthetic movement 4 arm brass gasolier. Price ~ $9500

With a silver finish and a wonderful scene of the boy and the moon this chandelier adds style to any room. It measures 36" from canopy to bottom tassel and is 24" wide. Price ~ $4800

Porcelain and brass 2 arm  gasolier. Price ~  $2850

This chandelier has one center light with 3 lit arms. The ruby red shades are decorated with golden griffins. It measures 52" high and approximately 24" wide.            
Price $12,500

This chandelier's compact size holds many decorative elements. The leaf motif on the arms is carried over to the center canopy. In addition the center sphere is adorned with a brass garland. It measures 30" wide and 43" long. Price $8,500. 

1830's 4 arm candle chandelier. 35" high and 28" wide this light is priced at $25,000,

Three arm brass gasolier with carnival glass shades. Price ~ $2750.

Six arm Renaissance Revival  gasolier in dark metal with brass accents. Price ~ $9500.

This brass chandelier in the  Rococo style has 12 arms and measures 32" across and 42" in height. Price is $15,000.

Early Electric  4 light chandelier with wonderfull detail to the  brass. The light measures 17" wide and 30" long . Price ~$3500

This brass and alabaster is 34" wide and 40" long. It has 6 arms as well as a center lit dome. Price ~ $6500

This Moorish style 12 arm gas and electric chandelier measures 53" high and 42"wide.  Price $26,500.

Two arm chandelier with frosted shades. Price ~ $2450.

Two tiered gas and electric chandelier in brass.  Price ~ $35,000

Brass 12 arm gasolier.  Price ~ $12,500.

Gothic iron lantern chandelier. Price ~ $6500.

Adorned with Tiffany crystals this 4 arm chandelier also has 3  lights in the center ring of crystals. Measuring 44" wide and 42" high it is priced at $8,500.

This gas chandelier has 6 arms and fine detail. The three cherubs adorning the center are holding a floral vine. It measures 40" long and 34" wide. Price ~  $60,000

This gas and electric chandelier has 6 arms. Price $5,200