Brass clock.

Sphinx clock.

Romantic brass clock.

Large figural clock.

Blue and white china set.

Large clock with barameter.

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Slate and marble clock with mercury pendant

French brass clock..

Brass column clock.

Decorative filigree clock.

Unusual self-contained key clock.

Blue and white china clock.

Double  faced brass clock.

This clock was made by Charpetier and measures 31" wide and 24" high. The figure of a reclining lady atop the clock is made of bronze. Price ~ $12.500

Small white marble clock

Black clocks.

Brass cherub clock.

Dragon set.

Bronze clock.

Wooden column clock.

Large carved wood clock

C. Neri Antiques

Marble clock set.

China clock with decorative female bust.

Black set.

Brass clock with decorative pendulum is accented with cloisonne detail. Offered for $4500

Ad clock.

Inlaid shelf clock

Brass shelf clock

Wonderful gold decorated glass on the Gingerbread clock.

Portrait clock.

Brass clock   Price ~ $2000