This bridal basket is adorned by two cherubs on either end . The glass fruit covers the top and reflects the light within the lamp.

Green and white Gone with the Wind lamp. This lamp is still in its original kerosene  condition. 

Camphor lamp now electrified stands  25" tall. Boasting a lithophane shade this lamp is priced  at $2200.

Green flash glass kerosene lamp stands 26" to top of shade .

C. Neri Antiques

Green Puffy Cased Glass lamp with bronze base.  Price ~ $650

Double slag glass brass table lamp.

This trophy lamp is approximately 18" tall. Originally kerosene is has been electrified and is $2000

This ceramic student lamp is a Wild and Wessel. It is electrified for your use. It measures 19" tall to the top of the handle and is 10"long, circa 1870. Price ~ $4,500.

This stunning shade sits upon a base that boast a beautiful patina. They stand 17" tall and the shade is 10" wide. 

Wild and Wessel double student lamp~ price $5500

Double jeweled student lamp.

Reverse painted shade.

This bronze lamp has been decorated with dragons on the base. It is 25"  tall and has an 18"  diameter. Price ~ $3500