This pair of Moderator lamps has beautifully detailed brass work and is circa 1830. Price ~ 9500.

Two toned Sinumbra measures 25'' tall and 10.5" wide. 

Pendant light~ .

Astrol lamp circa 1870 converted to electric. Base is bronze with brass font. Offered for $5500.

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Large  Double Arm Argand Pair.

This Solar Lamp has a damask base.

Brass Argands with crystal top.

Pair of low Argands.

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Double arm Argand with crystals. 

Pair of single arm crystal  Argands..

Carelton small Sinumbra measuring just 18" tall and 7" wide. Only a few of these are known to exist. 

Fashioned in a classic style this brass solar is available for your selection.

Solar table lamp  offered for your collection.

Figural Astrol lamp.

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Pair of .

Brass Sinumbra lamp is offered for $3000.

This pair of Moderators are made of marble, cloisonne and brass. They are adorned by two handles topped with female heads. Standing 29" to the top of the chimney, they are circa 1830 , Price ~ $10,000

C. Neri Antiques

Made to be used with animal fat this pair of lights is circa 1840's. They measure 25" tall and are 11" wide. Offered for $8500.

This pair of Astrol lamps are brass topped by a beautiful cut shades..

Mixed Metal Moderators

Single arm Argand with crystal base.

Pair of double arm Argands with crystals.

Argand Sconces ~