These wonderful brass pendants are covered in jewels. Measuring just 8" long the round pendant hangs 20". Price $650. The cylinder pendant is also 8" long and hangs 23". Price~ $750.

White shade pentant 2.

Brass pendant with opalescent swirl convex glass . Price ~ $3250.

Mandarin brass pendant with 2 figures adorning it.

White shade pendant.

Mica pendant.

This pendant has glass inserts as well as jewels. It measures 40" long and 12" wide.  Price $3250

This  pendant is 49" long  with a center pole topped by chain. It is an excellent example of a classic early electric hanging fixture. Price $1250.

Need something for a smaller space? This deco pendant is perfect! Approximately 16" long and 10" wide. It is priced $750 and has matching sconces available.

Crystal and etched shade wall mount.

Holophane glass pendant.

Slag glass pendant is one of a pair. They are copper with an amber glass insert and are 12" high and 5" wide. The pair are priced $2000.

Lantern with star cut patterned glass .

Circa 1890 gas pendant light ~ price $2250.

Traditional pendant circa 1890~ price  $1250.

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Deco shade pendant.

Eastlake mixed metal pendant. Originally gas this with its seated winged dragons is perfect for any room. Price ~ $3250

Flowers and leaves cover this pendant with jewels used as the center of the flowers. 12" wide x 31" long it is priced ~$2250.

Circular pendant with etched glass insert. .

Simply elegant ceiling mount pendant. 33" in length, this pendant is an example of how detail can make a small package beautiful.

Leaded glass with decorative metalwork..

This pendant with its amber slag glass is one of a pair. They measure 10" tall and starts at 8"wide narrowing to 4" and are priced at $1000 for the pair. 

Weighted jeweled pendant measures 10" x 30" long. Price ~ $2500.

Painted shade Pendant. Price $250

 This pendant with its decorative brass frames 4 panels of beautiful flashed glass panels. It measures 26" long 9".wide.  Price $3750.  

Jeweled glass panel lantern.

Glass panel lantern.

C. Neri Antiques

Brass  pendant with blue glass shade.

Pink glass pendant .

Opalescent glass and crystal pendant.

Green, white and plum glass octagon pendant . It measures 7" x 28.5" long with a price of $1250